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Advisory Board

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

King Solomon (Prov. 27:17)

Eternal Christendom’s Advisory Board consists of an impressive and growing number of Catholics—many of them converts—who endorse our Vision and Mission, and generously provide us with their expertise, feedback, criticism, and wisdom.

Each of them is doing great work for Christ and His Church in their own right. We are honored to have them as trusted counselors, supporters, and friends.

Theologian, Writer, Commentator

Former Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II

Catholic University of America

Associate Professor of Theology

Classical Learning Test

Founder, CEO

Society of Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Founder and President

Rewire the West


Independent Scholar

Patrologist, Classical Languages

Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Assistant Professor of Theology

Briscoe, Ivester, & Bazel LLP


Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma

Chancellor and Legal Counsel

Patmos Hosting, Albertus Magnus Institute

Founder, Co-Founder

Vulnerable People Project

Founder, CEO


Catholic Convert

Os Justi Press, Tradition & Sanity

Co-Founder, Founder

City of Truth


Drive Thru HistoryTM

Founder, CEO

Classical Christian Thought