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Deacon Harrison Garlick

Deacon Harrison Garlick

Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma
Chancellor and Legal Counsel

“I have been very blessed in coming to know Joshua Charles and his love of the early Church Fathers and the Great Tradition. I am excited to see how this love animates the good work of Eternal Christendom. It has a creative, dynamic vision, and I am happy to support it. I am excited to see how this new apostolate will use the beautiful to draw souls into what is true and good. Beauty is often overlooked in evangelization, but with Eternal Christendom it will be as beauty should be—an invitation to the divine.” 


Deacon Harrison Garlick is the Chancellor and legal counsel for the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma. He is also the co-host of Ascend: The Great Books Podcast, and a convert to the Catholic Faith. He lives in rural Oklahoma with his lovely wife and four children. You can find him on X @HarrisonGarlic1.