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John Johnson

John Johnson

Patmos Hosting, Albertus Magnus Institute
Founder, Co-Founder

“The occidental conduit of tradition that has built our life-giving civilization is in peril. This crisis may have one generation left to be corrected. We will have no excuse for our grandchildren unless we dedicate our lives—right now—to the fight for authentically liberating education and a free exchange of ideas. It is on these battlefields that we must fight.

But this war will not be live-streamed. As our Lord’s exchange with the beloved disciple reminds us, tradition is the hidden gift of the truth between friends. While the world chases glitter and clicks, we will pursue the real together. It will be painful at times. Substance is that for which we thirst. But we have too often preferred gall of convenience. We have now lost our taste, and the branch is dying.

Re-rooting will be arduous, but possible, if we are willing to work in the hidden depths of our tradition where roots are grown. Only here can our culture heal and grow good fruit.

I’m honored to accept the invitation to advise Eternal Christendom. I see in it the capacity to draw the nutrients that once grew the West back to its dying members.”


John Johnson is the founding CEO of Patmos Hosting and co-founder of the Albertus Magnus Institute. John is a graduate of the St. Mary’s College philosophy program and the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology where his work focused on the beatific epistemology of St. Thomas Aquinas. 

In co-founding AMI, John provided a means for anybody to receive a live, online, great books education – for free. 

As his day job, John runs Patmos Hosting, a managed services provider and web development company with facilities in Kansas City, Dallas, Phoenix, and Denver. Named after the island to where one of the first victims of deplatforming was exiled, Patmos was founded to provide a non cancelable hosting alternative to big tech. 

When time permits, John enjoys speaking on beauty, moral theology, and the Beloved Disciple to parishes and schools across the country. 

John also founded Pizza Norcia, a wood-fired pizza joint in California dedicated to the Monks of Norcia – with whom John discerned a vocation – and was promptly recommended to “go get married” in 2010. And so he did – marrying the love of his life, Alexandria who bore him six children in short order.