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Tony Francois

Tony Francois, Esq.

Briscoe, Ivester, & Bazel LLP

“We study the past not to hide in it, but to learn from it so that we can better understand the present and build our future in a more competent, humane, and Godly way. Technology has always changed, from the handwritten word, to the printing press, to radio, film and television, to today’s digital medium. At each media revolution, we must re-present the classic works of human wisdom and divine revelation to audiences whose way of learning is formed by new technology. Eternal Christendom is leading the way to connect people today who hunger for truth, goodness, and beauty with the Church Fathers and other classic works which contain the riches they seek.”


Tony Francois is an attorney, writer, and public speaker with a lifelong dedication to classical Catholic education. He was an undergraduate at the former Saint Ignatius Institute, a Great Books program at the University of San Francisco, and has been a homeschooling father for decades. He served as the Chair of the Board of Campion College of San Francisco (a two-year liberal arts college), and as President of the Sacramento Catholic Forum (a local Catholic speaker series). He most recently served as a founding board member of the Chesterton Academy of Sacramento. Tony’s law practice focuses on real estate, land use, water, and environmental law. He has litigated groundbreaking cases in the Supreme Courts of California, Nevada, and Idaho, and in the Supreme Court of the United States.

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