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Steven Rummelsburg

Steven Rummelsburg

City of Truth

“We are on the verge of descending into a dark age. The bright lights of technology have blinded us to the twilight of Western Civilization. There is an increasing chasm between our times and the patrimony bequeathed to us by our illustrious forefathers in the Western Canon. From the ancient oral tradition of the spoken word through the written word and now today in the age of the image, the printed word medium of our birthright is increasingly inaccessible. Eternal Christendom aims to build a bridge from this darkening time back to our Great Western Tradition to renew souls with the hope and promise that what has been handed down to us may once again become accessible and edifying to the souls of the West. We hope to find community and unity of purpose with all souls of goodwill as we rebuild the temple of human scholarship on the desolated ground where Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem met!”


Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg is the founder of City of Truth, an apostolate to edify homeschooling families and aspiring Catholic teachers by a recovery of an authentic Catholic liberal arts and sciences education for the fortification of the domestic church and for the sake of the common good. He is the founder of St. Isidore’s Artisan Academy. Steven has been in public and private education for 34 years. He is on the Teacher Advisory Council at Sophia Institute Press for Teachers where he has written curriculum and served as a resident scholar since 2013. He is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project and a member of the Fraternity of Faith and Reason. He writes and speaks publicly on matters of faith, culture, and Catholic education.