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Naresh Krishnamoorti

Naresh Krishnamoorti

Catholic Convert

“I have known Joshua for many years. For me, he is the best of online Catholic apologists because he is able to steer clear of internecine squabbles that frequently derail online Catholic personalities in order to focus on winning souls for Christ. His tremendous life experiences, in-depth reading, and prayer life position him to lead the vital task of helping to restore Christendom and, indeed, civilization itself. The Eternal Christendom project is comprehensive and ambitious, but we are already seeing success in its initial steps, and I want to dedicate whatever I have to see this project succeed in future.


Naresh is a convert from Hinduism to Evangelical Protestantism, and then to Catholicism. He studied at Georgetown University, Catholic University Law School (one year), and spent a year in the seminary at St. Michael’s Abbey in Orange County.

A serial entrepreneur, his first project in the early 1990s was the privatization of a Polish state-owned enterprise consisting of a 120,000 square foot factory with 435 employees after the fall of the Soviet Union. The goal was to make it a model of Catholic social teaching in a newly capitalist country. He currently owns a real estate investment firm that develops residential, retail, office, and mixed-use buildings in Silicon Valley.