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Evan Amato

Evan Amato

Rewire the West

“Eternal Christendom is doing valuable work to promote goodness, truth, and beauty within a culture that has all but forgotten these ideals. Joshua Charles’s erudite presentation of the Church fathers and gracious dialogue with protestants and non-believers alike already bears much fruit, and is planting the seeds for an even greater harvest. Eternal Christendom’s role in preserving, protecting, and passing down the Great Tradition cannot be overstated.”


Evan is a Catholic convert and passionate defender of the Great Tradition. The founder of Rewire the West and a North Carolina native, he currently resides in Italy. Having lived in six countries and with four languages under his command, Evan draws from his experience to share the wonders of the Old World with those who inhabit the New. Above all, he is a believer in the power of beauty to reveal God’s truth.